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Fireside with Voxgig

May 8, 2019

In this episode Richard speaks with Neil O’Brien. Neil is the founder of the company Time to Fly and is currently one of Ireland’s most sought after professional conference speakers and life coaches. He focuses on the topics of mental fitness, mental health and wellbeing. He has many corporate clients and has coached elite and professional sports people in the past.

Neil tells Richard about how golf actually led him to his public speaking career and that his first public speaking gig was actually at a wedding! He discusses how he loves to make a game out of all of his speeches and how inserting humor into speeches is a definite must. Neil also explains how the arrival of the Celtic Tiger, also known as the Irish economy during the period of rapid economic growth that characterized the 1990s, encouraged him to branch out from his day job as a professional trainer and speaker at a bank and create his own business.

Learn more about Neil here.

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