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Fireside with Voxgig

Feb 13, 2019

Florin Cardasim is a software architect, an Agile coach, a corporate trainer, and a community and corporate speaker. He is also founder of CodeCamp Romania, an initiative for young software developers in Romania and Moldova.  

In this episode, Florin and Richard discuss Florin’s trial-and-error style of speaking. Using this style taught him the importance of understanding the audience, and that it is important to speak regularly so that you do not end up back at square one: afraid of speaking.

Florin discusses how small things—like the time of day at which you are speaking—can impact the reception of your speech. He also explains why he prefers speaking to smaller groups and tells us that it’s okay to have a preference like this. He also describes the excitement and stress of finalizing a series of 12 conferences for CodeCamp, and where this conference’s future is headed!

Learn more about Florin here.

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