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Fireside with Voxgig

Feb 20, 2019

Jim Gordon–universally known as “Flash”– is the founder of Boxworks co-working space in Waterford, Ireland, where Voxgig has its headquarters. Flash is also proprietor of the award-winning Revolution, a gastro bar and events venue in downtown Waterford.

In this episode, Flash tells Richard what it was like to fall into the business sector after many years as a hard-working chef. He describes the difficulties he encountered navigating murky business waters after the global financial crisis of 2008. Flash emphasizes the importance of being able to multi-task when you are running a business; this helps you to keep up with the learning curve. He also believes passionately that you are never above any job at a place you run.

Flash is full of wisdom about public speaking. A trick of his is to pretend that whoever you are talking to is your best friend. This helps you feel more comfortable. He also advises that speakers must always make sure to know the ins and outs of what they are speaking about so that they are able to confidently answer questions.  

Flash also gives fascinating insights into what life is like in Waterford, Ireland, home of Voxgig.

Learn more about Flash here.

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